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The sangharsh is ready to work on saving all the lives of children from the crime while doing all their social work safely. We should prevent children from the crimes so that the future of our country can be saved. In our society, crime against children such as


  • Educating women for their rights and duties towards themselves and nation.
  • equality of gender.
  • All women and girls have the fundamental right to live free of violence. This right is enshrined in international human
  • rights and humanitarian law. And it lies at the heart to end Violence against Women campaign.
  • Family Counselling Centers to provide counselling, rehabilitation and referral services to women who are victims of
  • marital discord & family disputes.
  • Provide day-care services, supplementary nutrition, physical activities and pre-school education to children below 6
  • years, whose mothers are working.
  • We are providing of Adult Education Program etc.


Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse has always existed in our country, but recently it has emerged as a disgusting, extremely distorted and inhuman sexual tendency. The main objective of implementing the Protection of Child Protection Act (POCSO) 2012 by the President of India is to provide security by preventing the inclusion of children (under 18 years of age) in sexual violence, sexual harassment and pornography.

This Act has also been made against children, special courts for such sexual offenses. Penal offenses include & sexual violence & sexual harassment discriminatory sexual harassment & sexual harassment and sexually transmitted crimes under the act in respect of insulting children in porn videos. In view of all the possibilities, this act has been given all the details of all the acts of sexual violence related to children.

In this act, children have been given attention in the efforts of sexual violence and support of such violence. This act is applicable in the whole country except for the State of Jammu and Kashmir. In this Act, the prisoner can be fined for imprisonment for punitive offenses, as well as the fines of repairs due to the deviation done under the rehabilitation programs, according to the child & needs.

Child labour

Child labor is from the work that a person doing less than the age fixed by the law. Child labor is a social curse in cities, village and in other areas. If a child is forced to do labor in the days of play, it can be a big irony for any society. Only a small part of the sources that come to the families from childhood is obtained, for which poor families give birth to their children & future. Child  labor is human rights abuses. Under the human rights, every child has the right to have the right to physical, mental and social development, but the reality is school, sports, love, affection, etc. remain in their imagination.
In India, a large section of the population is uneducated. Their vision is more important than obtaining education, making money, which encourages child labor. In a big and joint family, only few people get employment & because of this the children are being forced to work. Apart from this, deliberately adverse situations are created by the business organizations that fulfill the financial interests of the selfish elements of the society and in the wrong ways, so that they can easily find child laborers who work without opposition on cheap wages.

Domestic Violence

The roots of domestic violence have deepened in our society and family. It also receives systematic support. If a female voice is vocal against domestic violence, then it implies talking about a radical change in society and family. It is often seen that cases of domestic violence are increasing day by day. Jealousy, hatred, ego, humiliation and rebellion in the relations of family and society are the main reasons for domestic violence. Victims of violence in the family become not only women but also old people and children. In the way the female has always been fragile and fragile, the way in which female body and man & physical structures have always been, it has been recognized in our country that the right to raise her hand on her husband is available only after marriage. In the year 2006, there has been some relief for women, children or the elderly suffering from domestic violence in India.

Definition of domestic violence

Police – Any kind of violence that occurs with women, old or children falls under the category of crime. In most of the cases of dreadful violence against women, dowry and non-coercive force are prominent.

State Women & Commission – If any woman is stricken with the assault or other rash caused by the family man, it will be called the victim of domestic violence. The Women & Protection Act  2005 from Domestic Violence empowers the protection and assistance against domestic violence.

Cornerstone (NGO) – Rape, threat and harassment against any woman in the family and any other person, fall under the category of domestic violence. Apart from this, gender violence, verbal and emotional violence and economic violence also fall under the category of crime under the Domestic Violence Protection Act 2005.

(The definitions of domestic violence by police, state women commission and NGOs are almost the same, though the language is changed.)

Domestic Violence – World Situation

The protection of rights was given to women for a separate identity during the International Women’s Day (1975-85). In the United Nations in 1979, it was given the form of international law. In most countries of the world, there is a male-dominated society. Due to the power being in the hands of men in the male dominated society, men have always given women the secondary status. This is the reason that the sense of crime, less importance and exploitation of women in the male-dominated society has continued to prevail. In developing countries such as Iran, Afghanistan & America woman are also discriminated against in developing countries. There is a rule in the United States, in which women are discriminated against. There is a rule in America, according to which if a family has a mother and a son, they will be entitled to the same bedroom house. It is evident from the fact that in countries like America, women are also discriminated against. Despite being the most powerful and advanced nation in the world, women in many areas in America do not have the same rights as men.

Intoxication: A Curse

History has witnessed that youth have always brought positive changes in the society and the country with their thinking, energy and passion. The path of progress and prosperity becomes easier when young people are healthy and energetic. But today, one of the biggest societal problems we are facing is the youth being drunk. Today, they are the most addictive victims of the country which are the foremost captains of tomorrow. Those who had to energize themselves in the progress of the country, today are destroying their precious physical and mental energy in social evils like theft, looting and death. Today, 90 percent of the youth are a victim of intoxicants. In the same way technology has developed, in the same way, new technologies have also developed in the use of intoxication.

Today’s youth is not addicted to drugs such as alcohol and heroin but is using some drugs as a drug addiction. The biggest reason for this is that such medicines are easily available to the youth. And in the home or society, it does not even realize that this person has consumed some drugs. The biggest responsibility of this evil is just you and you. In today’s dazzling life we ​​have become so selfish that we do not even care what path our child is going on, no one cares what he is doing. Just the child is going to fulfill the wishes. Today we have money that greed has so blinded that we do not hesitate to give birth to social evils. The business that believed to be the most revered in society today is giving birth to this evil. The same medicines which are not available without the prescription of the prescription medicines are available without any prescription and many times the rates. Even these medicines are made available on shops, so that the youth easily consume them. To overcome this biggest evil of society, first of all we have to be aware, then we will have to throw out the deadly disease like greed, or else this Quran gradually one day, we will eat our entire society again, our entire India, then there will be no existence in our world. Addiction is a curse. It is such an evil, that a person’s precious life becomes a victim of death before time. It is the root of destruction. Intoxication is the root cause of every evil. For addiction, use of deadly drugs and substances such as charas, smack, cocaine, brown sugar, alcohol, ganja, hemp, opium, jarda, gutkha, tobacco and smoking (beedi, cigarette, hookah, chilm) are being used. With the use of these toxic and intoxicants, physical, mental and economic harm is caused to the person, it also results in pollution of the social environment and also causes heavy losses to the social status of the family. The drug addict is seen in the society. The person who drunk becomes a burden for the family, the utility of his society and the nation becomes zero. He becomes addicted to crime and becomes a curse for a peaceful society. Intoxication has now become an international stricken problem. From small children to old age and especially the youth, students from school are being badly affected by misbehavior. It is the benefit of human society in getting rid of time from this curse. The person who gets stuck in his clutches is himself wasted Along with this, his family is also ruined. Today, it is often seen today that the youth is coming in the grip of day-to- day drugs, such as tobacco, gutkha, bead, cigarette and alcohol are being stuck in clutches. Because of which his career is going down by four times. Unfortunately, nowadays, young people take alcohol and smoking into fashion and hobbies. The prevalence of consumption of all these substances should be taboo in any situation to any civilized society. As we all know smoking is harmful to health. This causes a deadly disease like cancer and this warning is compulsorily written on all tobacco products, and almost everyone knows this too. But people still consume it with great passion. It is man’s weakness that he starts his consumption gradually, but it gets accustomed in a few days, once he gets accustomed, we should eat it, do not do it; Cuddle does everything. Consumption of alcohol has been done in a variety of ways by different types of people of the society. For some people, alcohol is consumed for showing in the society. Such people consume alcohol from a good brand and at any one time during the day or occasionally do some occasions. Economically prosperous, these classes just do this for fun. There are many reasons for honeybees for middle class and lower classes, whose subjects often we all know that some people start drinking amateur and some people with the effect of compatible Some people keep their habit in the society while being limited and balanced, some people become deluded by being overwhelmed with  xcessiveness. Once such people once again violate the boundaries of social dignity, then they move from mainstream society. Everyone knows the misery of the situation of children in our country. When 43 lakh children of the country are victims of exploitation, 98 lakhs do not go to school, every child in eight minutes goes missing, 8.5 lakh children die before their first birthday, then we will be the world’s largest democracy How can you claim These are only a few figures  elated to the safety of children, who give a glimpse of the real situation. But is it not enough to shake our mind-brains?

Save Daughter – Educate Daughter

Women are a very important part of the society and on the page, they participate equally in every aspect of life. However, due to the atrocities against women in India, the continuous falling sex ratio of women has given rise to the fear of women being eliminated. Therefore, to protect the gender ratio of women in India, it is very necessary to save the girl child. This has become a very important topic of social awareness in Indian society which Indian youth must know. To enhance the knowledge and writing skills of the students, teachers can give them a class or a paragraph or a complete essay on the subject, during the examination or on organizing a competition. The following essays have been written specifically for the students about Baiti Bachao. They can choose any daughter save essay as per their need and need. To maintain social balance, girls in society are also important as boys. Some years ago, there was a huge decline in the number of women in comparison to men. This was due to the increase in crimes against women such as: female feticide, murder for dowry, rape, poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination etc. To equal the number of women in society, people need to be aware about saving the girl at large level. Government of India has taken some positive steps in relation to the protection of girls like: Protection Act of 2005 from women’s  domestic violence, ban on female feticide,immoral trafficking (Prevention) Act, proper education, gender equality etc. Steps taken by the government: To improve the overall social and economic level of women, focus on the care of the children in the whole of India, focusing on everyone attention. The central or state government has initiated some of the following initiatives in respect of Beti Bachao: To save the girl child, the Delhi and Haryana government implemented the Ladli scheme in 2008. The aim of this scheme was to improve the status of girls in the form of prevention of female feticide  as well as education and gender equality.
For empowering girls through education, the Ministry of Women and Child Development started the Sabla scheme in 2011. After the birth, registration and vaccination, the Dhanlaxmi scheme was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2008 for providing cash transfer to the girl’s family. The Kishori Shakti Yojana was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development for improving the nutrition and health status of the juvenile. Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana was started to ensure equal share of a girl in the family.The Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana was started to ensure the equal share of a girl in the family. Read daughter Beti Teach (i.e. save girls and teach girls) The scheme was started for the welfare of women in 2015.

All Rights Reserved For Children

It is the matter of children’s rights that they do today. But there are few people who know who’s these rights are. Let’s see what those rights are for children who can give children the lives of their own. The declaration related to the rights of children is the most obvious and comprehensive in the international human rights law. In the 54 paragraphs, for the first time, children have been given financial, social and political rights together. This declaration was approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989 and was implemented within nine months. This was the first announcement to be accepted by the international community so quickly. The declaration was accepted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20, 1989 and was presented for signing and decree by other countries on January 26, 1990. It was implemented from September 2, 1990. By May 18, 1990, a total of 159 countries had either signed the declaration or its supporters became the state.

India also endorsed this announcement on 11 December 1992. In these 54 articles, 41 specific right have been given to the children. Definition of child, no discrimination, protection of child interests, enforcement of rights, guidance of parental responsibilities, survival and development, name and nationality, protection of identity, living with parents, family unity, kidnapping Rescue, children’s views, freedom of expression, ideological and religious freedom, freedom of meeting, protection of privacy, proper means of information, Protecting the responsibility of parents, carelessness and misbehavior, protection of orphaned children, adoption of children, care of refugee children, proper arrangements for children with disabilities, health care, regular care of transferred children, social security, good living standards, education System of education, education for overall development, minority tribal children’s culture,sports and cultural activities, hair Protection of workers, prevention of drugs, prevention of sexual exploitation, prohibition of sale, Protection from other exploits, prevention of torture and slavery, prevention of recruitment in the army, rehabilitation and supervision and management of juvenile justice, higher standards apply Of these 41 child rights, 16 rights are more important in the context of Indian children. That is why I am writing about these 16 rights in detail. Staying alive and growing: Every child has the fundamental right to living. Its full responsibility is on the state. Every state is morally tied to this The State should make the life and development of every child definite.

  • No discrimination: Every right of discrimination will apply to every child. It is the moral
    responsibility of every state to save children from any kind of discrimination. Take appropriate steps to increase their rights.
  • Map father]s responsibility: The first responsibility of taking the children forward is on both the parents. The state will support them in this work. The state will give proper support to the father or guardian for the development of children.
  • Health services: The child has the right to get the highest health and medical facilities. Every state will give special emphasis on protecting elementary health and reducing the mortality rate of infants.
  • Good level of living: Every child has the right to a good standard of living, in which he can have sufficient mental, physical, intellectual, ethical and social development. He could get enough roti cloth and house.
  • Appropriate arrangements for displaced children: Every disabled child has the right to special care, education, training, which he becomes competent to become a part of his society.
  • Rescue from fungal substances: Every child has the right to be protected from the use of narcotics, drugs. The state will save the sale of these drugs.
  • Arrangement of education: Every child has the right to education. It is the duty of every state to make primary and secondary education free and compulsory for every child. Admit children to secondary schools. In schools, discipline should not be to injure children’s self-esteem. Education should prepare children for such a life which will help them in understanding, peace and happiness. Tolerance to develop.
  • Sports and cultural activities: In the whole development of the child, sports, entertainment, cultural activities, science are big hand. Therefore, every child has the right to participate in holiday, sports and artistic, cultural activities. Providing such an environment to the child is the responsibility of the state.
  • Protection from abuse: The child has the right to be protected from neglect, abuse, misbehavior. It is the duty of the State to save children from all forms of abuse. Proper social programs must be run for the improvement, proper treatment of the affected children.
  • Protecting orphans: The orphan children of society have the right to get protection. The duty of the state is to protect the orphaned children, to arrange them for adoption by families or family members of the family.
  • Protection of children: Children have the right to be protected from such acts which harm their health, education and development. The state should improve the working environment with determining child labor and minimum age of job.
  • Stoppage of expropriation: To sell, kidnapping, kidnapping, or forcibly committing a child is a legal offense. The moral responsibility of the state is to save the child from them.
  • Protecting from exploitation: It is the responsibility of every state to protect children from the business of sexual assaults, prostitution or obscene pictures.
  • Continuance of slavery, child abuse, torture, illegal confinement can not be given. Children under 18 years of age can not be punished like financial punishment, life imprisonment. Cruelty, rigidity should not be treated with child prisoners.
  • Management of Kishore Justice: Such behavior should be done with the offenders, which will strengthen their self-esteem, abilities, development. Those who reunite them with society. Such children should be protected from legal proceedings or institutional changes as far as possible.
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